From Within, There Lies Your Power.

Mind Your Psyche Counselling Services
About Us

Mind Your Psyche was established on the principal of people having the inherent power to wheel their lives in the direction they desired and saw fit for themselves. However this power is often compromised by the conflict that exists between the current self and the ideal self which emanates from the conditional acceptance individuals are raised on from childhood.

Mind Your Psyche encourages individuals to remain mindful of themselves, to analyse their psyche, to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how their perspective shapes their lives on a daily.

​Through the psychological services offered by Mind Your Psyche, individuals are equipped with skills and receive guidance to help them function to their full potential. Clients are welcomed into a place of understanding and non-judgment, which we believe as Mind Your Psyche that these are the ingredients to helping clients grow and reclaim their power. We invest in the little things because we believe that big changes come from the little steps we take. Our services are also tailor made to accommodate the needs of diverse clientele.


  • To provide quality psychological services that uphold the highest standard of good ethical practices.
  • To educate the public about mental health challenges, the importance and process of counselling.
  • To challenge and eliminate the stigma around mental health that prevent people from seeking help. 


  • To provide supportive, empathic and non-judmental psychological services that are affordable and easily accessible to diverse populations, as well as contribute to the development of communities that do not view mental health services as a taboo, rather as a means to healthier, happier and more united and supportive communities.




About Founder

Founder Of Mind Your Psyche Counselling Services; Registered Counsellor

Former Peer Educator ,Public Relations Officer at Rehlotse Ladies Club and Former Intern Registered Counsellor (University of Limpopo), and currently a Registered Counsellor at SpectrumColourAssessment and Counselling.​

Nthabiseng Princess Modiga is a practitioner that is passionate about empowering individuals. She looks beyond the presenting problems of people and always looks to the strengths that they have but may have forgotten about due to the distress they are experiencing. She is also a volunteer Registered Counsellor at an NPO: Lesedi La Batho where she provides regular counselling services as well as mental health workshops.

Summary of Professional Profile

Qualification: Bachelor of Psychology (2014-2017)

Institution: University of Limpopo

Profession: Registered Counsellor

HPCSA No: PRC 0034428


Areas of Experience

  • Career guidance and counselling

  • School readiness assessment and Remedial Intervention

  • Individual counselling for various life challenges to facilitate better coping: Grief, stress management and crisis intervention, trauma debriefing.

  • CV writing, interview preparation and Job hunting skills.

  • Study skills and habits assessment and Intervention

  • Facilitation of Holistic Conscious Parenting program

  • Facilitation of Mental Wellness program

Nthabiseng Modiga

Our Team

Aggrey Sibisi is by profession a Qualified  Project Manager at Africa wise Pty (LTD)

Under Mind Your Psyche Counselling Services he is the Arts and Craft Program Co-ordinator for From The Ground Up.He facilitates the Arts and Craft tutorials and is also the content creator for those tutorials. He teaches the children art of drawing and painting and inspires creativity in them. He also heads the creative writing aspect of From The Ground Up and Creates Content for our "Story Time". 

From 1976 - to present he has been involved in a number of artistic activities. Below is a timeline of these activities:

  • 1976 - 1994: He was involved in poetry movements, he did a number of stage performances and has written two unpublished poetry books.

  • 1978 - 1982: He took part in a number of local Drama (Acting) and Traditional Dance. He also does drawing, painting and crafts.

  • 1984 he started palying the bass guitar, Bongo drums and started writimg songs.

  • 1986 - 1997 He formed 2 bands, Black Rose and Roots Rockers

  • 2013- He acted in a movie called Mojadirethe which played on Mzanzi Magic

  • 2014 - He co-wrote a story in which he acted in called Moloi Wa Lelapa which also played on Mzanzi Magic.

  • 2016- He acted in a movie called Total Abuse which played on Mzanzi Magic.

  • 2018 - He recently wrote a script for a movie called Repurcussions of Betrayal which has not been televised yet, under a film production company called Black Toned Pictures.

  • 2018 - He recently took part in a documentary for poetry called The Power of Words for an online tv.

Aggrey Sibisi


Sinah Modiga


Sinah Modiga is a Qualified Educator by profession and the Head Of Department at Phutha Primary School.

Under Mind Your Psyche she is the Scholastic Program Co-ordinator for From The Ground Up, she ensures that our content for tutorials adheres to the curriculum for the South African Education sytem, as well as sets the critea for the progress of our children that is appropriate and ethical.

She has been an educator for 21 years, since 1997 to date. She has shaped the lives of many indivividuals in the educational setting, from children as young as those in grade 1 to those in grade 12. Below is a timeline of her career:

1997 : She was an educator at Mphahlalatsane Abet Centre teaching Grade 10 - 12.

2007: She was an educator at Refentse Primary School teaching Grade 7.

2009: She was an educator at Tsewe Primary School teaching Grade 1.

2014 to present: She is currently an educator at Phutha Primary School teaching Grade 2.






Position: Arts and Craft Program Co-ordinator 

Meet our team of experienced and qualified professionals who contribute to the quality of the services we provide.

Position: Scholastic Program Co-ordinator




Counselling is a personal opportunity to receive non-judmental support and experience growth during challenging times in life, it can help one deal with many personal topics in life that cause one a lot of distress and disrupts their normal functioning and coping.

It is about embarking on a journey to self-discovery. Mastering the essence of self by gaining insight into your strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize each aspect to work in your favour to be happier and more fulfilled. Counselling facilitated in individual, couple, family or group setting aims to improve the relationship people have with themselves and those around them by equipping people with more effective and healthier skills for setting boundaries,resolving conflict, communicating better, adjusting to change, managing stress, dealing with grief and so forth. Our counselling sessions are structured with the needs of the client in mind, to enable the client to be authentic without being caught in the internal conflict of who they are supposed to be and who others expect them to be.


Couple's Counselling


Individual Counselling

Family/ Group Counselling

Fees: Our Sessions are charged per hour 


School Readiness Assessment

Children in Grade R, progressing to Grade 1 may require assistance with adjusting to formal and structured learning, which may be influenced by how they develop. School readiness assessments provide an overview of the developmental delays a child may have which may affect their learning in a formal school setting.

A lot of factors are considered to determine the readiness of a child for school. School readiness depends on the child's emotional maturity and scholastic ability. Our school readiness assessments are aimed at measuring how prepared a child is to succeed at school. The readiness includes the child's readiness to learn and to enter the formal learning system.

Through considering a child's:


An appropriate intervention that caters for the developmental needs of the child can be implemented.


Career Guidance

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Education is no longer just "the key".Initially it was believed to be the key to open more doors to employment, but with the high unemployment rates can we still call it "the key"?Education has now become a tool which you can use to establish yourself, to do more than just open doors but to break locks put on one's future. To do this, an individual needs to follow a career path that will do more than just result in a qualification but also provides one with the opportunity to become innovative and independent. 
This is why it is so important to know oneself prior to choosing school subjects that will lead to a certain career after your school leaving years.

​Career guidance is aimed at:

  • assisting Grade 9 learners in choosing subject that align with their desired future career paths as well as their aptitudes.
  • Inform Grade 12 learners about various careers/courses available at universities and colleges. 

Career assessment includes measuring:

  • Aptitude,
  • Personality
  • Interest of learners to establish the careers suitable for them.


Study skills and Habits

Effective study skills and adequate time management are at the core of exceptional academic performance.


Understanding one's study methods, habits, attitudes can help improve one's academic performance.
Our study skills and exam preparation includes an assessment that sheds light on a learner's strengths and weaknesses and leads to intervention plans that addresses the learner's needs, to improve coping within the education system especially during exam times.

Psychometric Assessments

Fees vary according to the assessment administered:

The fee includes:


Report and Recommendations

From The Ground Up
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From The Ground Up is aimed at building and improving educational foundation in children in the foundation phase to facilitate better academic performance and progression in school. It achieves its objective through providing tutorial classes that address the whole child.

Prior to admission a child is screened to have an idea of their  social  and scholastic functioning,after admission the FTGU facilitator works hand in hand with the child and parents, providing parental guidance to help facilitate improvement and assist the parents in understanding and addressing the needs of the child. 

The program is 3 months long with regular assessments for monitoring progress and making further recommendations.


This area focuses on helping children develop basic number concepts, to enable children to be able to count, work out sums, understand operations and develop and imporve mental maths.

Reading and Spelling

This area focuses on improving a child's ability to read and spell words through the use and understanding of phonics. This area also enables children to write and think more creatively further improving their vocabulary.


Arts and Craft

This area focuses on intergrating the traditional way of learning with art, in an attempt to increase children's interest in learning in a fun way. This area also encourages creativity in children while developing their fine motor skills; essential for writing.


Social Skills

This area focuses on enabling children to work better in a group setting. To behave in socially appropriate ways such as being able to wait their turn, being considerate of the feelings of others, being able to share and so forth. 


This area focuses on helping children become more confident in themselves and their abilities to navigate through every day challenges with confidence. The aim of this area is to reduce anxiety and build more positive self images.m



Registration: R150

Monthly Fee: R400


Hosted: 08 December 2018

Presenter: Nthabiseng Modiga (Registered Counsellor)


The mental Wellness Challenge workshop helped individuals to gain an understanding of the self, enabling them to become more self-aware. Through the workshop, attendees gained a new perspective into their challenges. Furthermore, they were equipped with effective and adjustable coping skills for dealing with life stressors, ultimately #TakingTheirPowerBack and feeling more in control of their lives.



The Teen Suicide Prevention Week (11 - 18 February 2019) is an initiative aimed at raising awareness about teen suicides; with the end goal of creating a platform for teenagers to know where to go to express their feelings, thoughts and needs should they find themselves being suicidal. It is also about enabling other people around the teens to be mindful of the warning signs and understand the role they can play to help.


Mind Your Psyche will be targeting 6 schools around Pretoria to facilitate the suicide prevention awareness initiative.


Hosted: 23 February 2019

Presenter: Nthabiseng Modiga Registered Counsellor

Balancing on the wire - Stress management workshop is aimed at equipping individuals with the ability to understand and recognze stress in themselves with a more enlightened perspective. To help individuals learn to identify, unerstand and simplify their stress triggers. Furthermore, through emotional regulation skills, attendees can create and implement an effective stress management plan. The workshop is practical and interactive so attendees would have an oportunity to openly share their experiences.


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Our wrkshops are about equipping attendees with pratical skills  for promoting their own mental health. They are usually done in smaller groups to make them as interactive as possible. The overall aim of the workshops is to make mental health services more afforadble in a friendly and supportive setting.