About Us

Welcome to Mind Your Psyche Counselling Services 

Founded in November 2018, Mind Your Psyche was established on the principal of people having the inherent power to wheel their lives in the direction they desired and saw fit for themselves. However this power is often compromised by the conflict that exists between the current self and the ideal self which emanates from the conditional acceptance individuals are raised on from childhood. Through the psychological services offered by Mind Your Psyche, individuals are equipped with skills and receive guidance to help them function to their full potential. Clients are welcomed into a place of understanding and non-judgment, which we believe as Mind Your Psyche that these are the ingredients to helping clients grow and reclaim their power.

Our Mission

*To provide quality psychological services that uphold the highest standard of good ethical practices.

*To educate the public about mental health challenges, the importance and process of counselling.

*To challenge and eliminate the stigma around mental health that prevent people from seeking help.

Our Vision

To provide supportive, emphatic and non-judgmental psychological services that are affordable and easily accessible to diverse populations, as well as contribute to the development of communities that do not view mental health services as a taboo, rather as a means to healthier, happier and more united and supportive communities.


Meet The Founder

Nthabiseng Modiga, the founder of Mind Your Psyche Counselling Services is a Registered Counsellor with the Health Profession Council of South Africa. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology which she obtained at the University of Limpopo (2017)

She is the passionate about empowering individuals. She believes that people have natural ability to change the course of their lives and live in ways that are truly fulfilling and are nurturing to their mental health. She advocates for self-awareness because she believes that the only way people can change and experience growth is through the knowledge, understanding and acceptance of self.