Our Services


Counselling is a process of assisting and guiding individuals which is characterized by non-judgmental support that offers you a safe space to share your experiences and concerns, enabling you to learn more about yourself for better coping and personal development.

Benefits of Counselling: Stress relief and less anxiety, Greater self-confidence, Ability to set boundaries, Better relationships, Improved verbal expression and communication to name a few.

From The Ground Up Tutorials

Our tutorials cater for children with learning challenges. The focus is on English, Setswana and Mathematics. We have full tutorials and a reading club which focuses mainly on reading challenges. Our classes focus on Grades R – 7. The overall aim of our tutorials is: • To build educational foundation which is essential for learning. •Improve children’s self-esteem. •Use children’s strengths to facilitate improvement.

•Offer parental guidance on parents contribution to children’s progression

Our tutors have a psychology background so they understand children’s behaviour and have a passion for working with children.


Psychological tests designed to give a more detailed understanding of the client which aids in the devising of an appropriate intervention plan.

Adolescents Identity Development Program

The Adolescence stage between the ages 10 – 19, is one of the most difficult stages of development for both the child and the parent. In this stage children start attempting to develop a more solid sense of self. In this stage while battling peer pressure, unrealistic expectations from family and society the child might fall into depression, suffer from anxiety or low self esteem. We have a program for adolescents which wishes to address all the life challenges they face and how to navigate them with confidence and more positive decision making skills. Some of the topics covered include but are not limited to: •Self esteem •Body positivity •Communication •Conflict Resolution •Coping with pressure •Stress management •Healthy relationships •Time management •Study skills •Career choices *Parenting support is included*


Interactive and practical information sessions in a group setting. The workshops are designed to equip attendees with information as well as skills for improving their mental health